Time is of the essence so this will be a quick post.

Twelve teams of web professionals donating 24 hours of their time to build complete web solutions for non-profit organizations: Overnight Website Challenge.

Our Team:
The Mighty Polymorphin Power Rangers: Extra Awesome – link

Our Non-Profit:
The non-profit assigned to our team is YEA Corps. YEA Corps mission is to empower young people with financial literacy, as well as positive environmental and healthy practices through service learning / social networking skills to sustain a healthy prosperous life.

YEA Corps does not currently have a web page so we are starting from scratch with a team of eight developers and two designers. After an hour of reviewing requirements with the client we decided to go with WordPress for our implementation. We will be integrating various WordPress Plugins, Flash Components, Google Apps, Analytics, Mailing Lists, Social Networking, and Donations on the site.

We are using sticky notes for the site map, marker boards for requirements, and activeColab for project management. Current milestones are set for 6:00PM, 12:00AM, and 6:00AM. Stay tuned for our final product!

Visit the YEA Corps website here.

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