Is the Extension Manager failing to add extensions? Flash Builder unable to install add-ons? Acrobat 9 unable to auto update? Print to PDF freezing after 3 progress bars? The list continues… luckily there is a simple fix!

By default, the Windows 7 notification system prevents software products from making changes to your computer. Normally applications would prompt you for access but in many cases Adobe products fail silently.

In some cases you can right click on the application and select to run as administrator. This only fixes a handful of issues though. To completely resolve all of the issues you’ll need to disable the pesky notifications within Windows 7 all together. To do this, open your control panel, click on User Accounts and Family Safety, select User Accounts, click Change User Account Control settings and finally drag the slider down to the bottom. You will need administrative access to do this.

Keep in mind this change will allow all applications to make changes to your computer without your consent. In my opinion, this is a small price to pay for working software.


List of known conflicts:
>Dreamweaver unable to install HTML5 extensions during auto update.
>Extension manager unable to install any extensions.
>Flash Builder unable to install plug-ins.
>Acrobat 9 Pro upgrade from 9.0 to 9.2 fails to update.
>Distiller Print to PDF fails in all versions.
>Any others?