Android Design Support Library

The design support library makes it easy to use material design when building Android apps. The best part, it’s compatible all the way back to Android 2.1. This support library includes a better navigation drawer, collapsing navigation bars, snack bars and a number of other key components of material design. Combine this with a view pager, recycler view and the swipe to refresh library for a complete base application.

Google developer blog:

Sample code:

Developing for Android: Technical Guide

Google released a collection of best practices and common pitfalls written by the Android framework and runtime teams. This is a must read for all Android developers. It’s only eight chapters long so you have no excuse not to read it.

Free Material Design Icons

Need icons for your Android, iOS or Web app? Google has provided a great collection of icons that are free to use:

Stay tuned for more Android news and examples.