Android Lollipop: -505 Error for AIR Apps

Problem: After upgrading to Android 5.0 (Lollipop), a number of my apps disappeared. Trying to re-install them from the market resulted in a -505 error. This problem is most common with cross-platform Adobe AIR apps, more specifically, apps signed with an SHA1 generation with some certificates. The upgrade to Lollipop doesn’t correctly translate these specific […]

Animation with an Android ScrollView

Extend the Android ScrollView class and override the onScrollChanged method to animate your content based on the users current scroll position. In this example I’m making changes directly to the margin of all RelativeLayouts to prevent the views from going off screen when the user scrolls. This code could easily be made generic and applied […]

Failed to Find Android Wearable Dependency

Problem: After installing Android Studio Beta and using the wizard to create a new wearable app, the Gradle build failed with the following errors: Error: Failed to find: Error: Failed to find: Solution: [Update]Additional useful information:[/Update] [Update 7/16/14]The latest version of Android Studio extends Activity for watches rather than WatchActivity[/Update] Until we […]

Android Device Manager

Use the new Android Device Manager to locate, ring your device or do a remote wipe. This website provided by Google is similar to the Find My iPhone service and requires initial set-up on your phone. I’ve known plenty of people that have lost phones and wished they had activated a service like this in […]