FITC Amsterdam 2011

I’ve always heard good things about FITC Amsterdam and after attending FITC San Francisco, I had to add it to my list for next year. The speaker line up looks phenomenal with over 50 presentations during the 2 day / 2 night conference. Get inspired in one of the coolest cities around the world. Check […]

More Battery Testing with Flash for Mobile

After additional testing, Flash 10.1 still consumes about half the battery of the HTML5 equivalent in the browser on the Nexus One. This time running for 30 minutes, instead of 10, the canvas demo consumed 12% battery and Flash 7%. Arguably this is only a 41.66% difference but you get the point. Want to reproduce […]

Flash Outperforms HTML5 on Mobile Devices

***Another Update: I’ve created a new post with a more complex animation and have also included SVG into the mix: *** ***Update: I’m already three steps ahead of this article. I have already received / analyzed the optimized JS in a later post. Please read all four articles on this topic before replying or […]

Post to TwitPic from Flash / Flex

Problem: TwitPic has a restricted crossdomain.xml file preventing your Flash web applications from posting directly to the service. Solution: Create a simple PHP script to proxy the request through a server that you do have access to! Here is the code: Just create a PHP file with the contents above and replace the post URL […]