Define Popup Window Size in HTML Text

Executing JavaScript in a Flash HTML TextField is both cool and a little scary. You can throw some inline JavaScript in your htmlText to dynamically specify a pop up window size when using target=”_blank.” This works in both ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0. Pop up Window Example: Example of Inline Java Script (click on the […]

Build a Flash Game in Under 3KB

Here are three Flash games each built in under 3KB and in less than 4 hours. They may not be Half Life 2 but they are entertaining! Try your luck at the racing game, platform game, and a space shooter that I like to call Little Ship vs. Space. Wait? Doesn’t everybody have loads of […]

Flash Your TV: the suspense is killing me

A look at some press releases from January 2009. Wait… wasn’t that 8 months ago? Both Intel and Broadcom both talk about releasing Flash Lite supported hardware first half of 2009. What happened?   Intel and Adobe to Extend Flash Platform to TVs Jan 5, 2009 “Intel plans to ship the first CE3100 with support […]