Android Device Manager

Use the new Android Device Manager to locate, ring your device or do a remote wipe. This website provided by Google is similar to the Find My iPhone service and requires initial set-up on your phone. I’ve known plenty of people that have lost phones and wished they had activated a service like this in […]

Top Tweets for September 15

64bit Flash Player in beta, free Android UI PSD, HTML5 in Illustrator and more! Thought I’d share some of these resources from Twitter with the rest of the world. @adobeflash: Flash Player 64-bit preview now available on Labs! @gskinner: Just posted the 2nd article in my series on Creating Great Developers. This one focuses […]

Cut the Drama. Flash is Here to Stay.

I really wish that Steve Jobs would quit misinforming the public. It amazes me that Apple and Adobe’s childish feud is even news worthy. I’ve had a number of people tell me that I should start looking for a new profession because HTML5 is the future and Flash is dead (link). All of them iPhone […]