Flashbelt 2009 Tickets

The first 100 Flashbelt Tickets are going for a sale price of $279. Flashbelt is a yearly conference held in Minneapolis, Minnesota and focuses on RIA development. Confirmed speakers include: James Patterson (presstube), Hoss Gifford, Mario Klingemann (quasimondo), Joa Ebert, Seb Lee-Delisle (plug-in media), Drew Trujillo (dr. woohoo), Lisa Larson-Kelley, Geoff Stearns (youtube), Jeremy Thorp […]

FlexFeed: Twitter RSS Feeds in Flex

Using Flex and PHP it is possible to integrate Twitter RSS feeds into a Flex web page. Twitters cross domain policy (which is used by Flash) does not allow external resources to access feeds. Using PHP as a medium to the data, Flex can access the feed and display all contents. This technique can be […]