Correction: Argh. This was a problem in two of my projects, including one I just created but now it’s working on my third project. This may or may not be an issue depending on your setup. I’m going to try and isolate the problem and provide an update. End correction

Not noticing improvement when selecting GPU? It’s because there is a bug in the current pre-release packager for AIR on the Android. Luckily there is a quick work around.

The instructions are clear: add gpu to your descriptor file. Unfortunately Flash re-writes this file EVERY time you open the Air for Android settings window! Selecting the drop down in the Publish Settings also does nothing. So how can we enable hardware acceleration?

Create your project. Open the Android Settings to auto generate the descriptor file. Close the Android Settings window. Open your descriptor file. Add the code above. Save and close the descriptor file. Make that file READ ONLY. Open the Android Settings window again and select publish.

I went from an idle of 30 fps up to 120 fps and active usage from 22 fps to 30 fps. AMAZING difference when you can actually select to use it!