Mobile Optimizations with Adobe AIR

Squeeze some extra frames per second out of your app with some basic optimizations. In many cases your target device will have a 1Ghz processor and less then 100Mb of available ram. Trying to utilize more processing power or RAM than this will lead to erratic app behavior and in many cases will cause the […]

Conflicts with Adobe Products and Windows 7

Is the Extension Manager failing to add extensions? Flash Builder unable to install add-ons? Acrobat 9 unable to auto update? Print to PDF freezing after 3 progress bars? The list continues… luckily there is a simple fix! Problem: By default, the Windows 7 notification system prevents software products from making changes to your computer. Normally […]

Canvas, Flash and SVG Mobile Comparison

This newer, more complex, animation validates that canvas does not perform well across platforms. Using SVG we can achieve similar performance to Flash when but SVG does not currently work on the Nexus One. Overall conclusion: when displaying animations or content with lots of motion, we need to have two implementations until either iOS supports […]

What to Expect from the iPhone Exporter

In light of recent news I decided to port over some of my AIR for Android demos to iOS. Apple developer registration process aside, I was surprised at how easy it was to publish the same apps for both platforms. The code for all three examples worked unchanged from the Android optimized version. Here is […]