Box2D with GPU Acceleration for Android

By utilizing the GPU and cacheAsBitmapMatrix this Box2D demo went from a sluggish 18 – 20 fps to a consistent 24 fps! Check out the demo in the video below: Turning on GPU Acceleration within AIR for Android: Open the application descriptor XML file associated with your project. Edit the render mode to include gpu […]

GPU Bug on AIR for Android

Correction: Argh. This was a problem in two of my projects, including one I just created but now it’s working on my third project. This may or may not be an issue depending on your setup. I’m going to try and isolate the problem and provide an update. End correction Not noticing improvement when selecting […]

Touchable Framework for Adobe AIR – Sneak Peak!

Let’s face it. The gesture API for Adobe AIR is mediocre at best. Here’s a look at something better, a framework that will allow you to create regions for custom gestures. Controlling where you want to pick up touch events. It will utilize multi-touch, gesture and accelerometer controls all in one package. Control your games […]

Management Techniques Every Developer Should Know

Work with, rather than against, your project manager. Have you ever been asked to estimate something? Or the dreaded, what percent complete are we? Let me share some of the quantitative techniques I’ve used to lead successful projects. Problem: Developers are asked to complete ‘project management’ tasks on a daily basis. Many do not have […]