Send Display Objects to PHP as Images

Submit your MovieClips to PHP as a multipart form using the UploadPostHelper class. In this example we’ll send a user generated image to TwitPic as a JPEG. Problem: Long story short, PHP requires specific headers when submitting an uploaded file. These headers are automatically added when you upload a file from the desktop. What about […]

ASDocs with Flash Develop

Flash Develop is a free alternative to Flash Builder. While it may not include all of the feature of Flash Builder, it does have a nifty ASDocs generator. Follow these steps to configure the application and you’ll be good to go. What are ASDocs? Generated API documentation for your code. A great example is the […]

Animating Feedback Widget

Using two of my existing blog posts I’ve finally put that little animated widget to use! Constructive feedback only please. Assuming you are using a flash enabled device, click on the little feedback tab to the left. The widget could definitely use a bit of design work, but hey, I don’t claim to be a […]