64bit Flash Player in beta, free Android UI PSD, HTML5 in Illustrator and more! Thought I’d share some of these resources from Twitter with the rest of the world.

@adobeflash: Flash Player 64-bit preview now available on Labs! http://bit.ly/33QVDY

@gskinner: Just posted the 2nd article in my series on Creating Great Developers. This one focuses on hiring. http://is.gd/fc2Os

@Influxis: ALERT! New Influxis 2-to-many video chat app dev’d by @JerryChabolla called FACES! http://labs.influxis.com/?p=1206

@weberdesignlabs: 35 Free Fonts for Elegant Corporate Designs – http://ow.ly/2ENFC – 15 Best Social Icons Sets – http://ow.ly/2ENCb

@360Flex: sweet! RT @jonmacdonald: Android designers can also find an Android GUI PSD here: http://bit.ly/c02lpi

@seb_ly: as ever, intelligent report from @guardiantech re the html5 canvas game biolab http://bit.ly/drPT7T

@FITC: HTML5 in Adobe Illustrator?! Why yes, now there is! http://ow.ly/2EJyW