Attention AIR developers: Are you interested in learning about caching images in binary format, SQLite database migration, re-using existing view components, memory fragmentation and general tips / tricks about developing your application using Adobe AIR? If you answered YES than you should attend Minh Vu and Chris Black’s session at Flashbelt on June 8th at 1:30PM. We’re going to have a killer presentation for everyone interested in developing Adobe AIR desktop applications.

Can’t attend Flashbelt?
I would highly recommend attending Flashbelt. Networking opportunities, great presentations and lots of fun! OK, if you absolutely can go than check out our presentation below.

Who should attend?
Developers that are currently developing AIR applications or are interested in doing AIR development in the future. Project managers would also benefit from knowing the decisions that go into creating large scale applications. How about designers? This presentation is geared towards the development side of AIR but designers are welcome.

BulkLoader with Binary data format:

About the presenters:
Chris Black is a Senior Developer at Sierra Bravo who focuses on ActionScript development with Adobe Flex and AIR, and is interested in integrating social networking APIs into Rich Internet Applications. He covers these topics as well as sharing solutions to the problems he encounters when working with Flex and AIR on his blog, Chris has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, and when he’s away from the computer he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, and tennis.

Minh Vu is a Developer at Sierra Bravo who works on interactive development with ActionScript, JavaScript, and iPhone. He has a strong interest in applying Model Driven Development to Flash or AIR applications. Minh studied at the University of Minnesota Duluth where he got his degree is in Information System & Technology. In his spare time he enjoys disc golfing, snowboarding and ultimate frisbee.

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  1. Hey Chris,

    Minh said something during the talk about posting the bulkLoader modifications you guys made to the blog. Any hope of seeing that?


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