Does your PlayBook app use local storage, camera roll, media sound or other device APIs? If so, you must add action requests in your blackberry-tablet.xml file when publishing your BAR file for these features to work on the device.

The camera roll in my painting application worked with the virtual machine (0.9.4 SDK) but didn’t work on the actual device.

I added acess_shared to my blackberry-tablet.xml file and the camera roll worked great. The device prompts on first run notifying the user of which permissions you requested, similar to how Android works.

BlackBerry has a list of actions documented here:

Here is a photo of items added to my camera roll:

Stay tuned for a full video review of the PlayBook coming this week.

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3 thoughts on “Requesting Permissions for your PlayBook App

  1. I’m working on a PlayBook App that is using the add to CameraRoll,
    it works, but it doesn’t go to the ‘Pictures’ tab, it will start in the ‘Documents’ tab.
    Do you know if there is a work around for that?

  2. My device defaulted to document class the first time I loaded an image into my app. After that, it defaulted to the camera roll. You should also be able to use File.browse to select a specific folder. I’ll let you know if I find a way to do this without having to use the File class.

  3. Thanks!, Yeah let me know if you found a way to do this.
    I’m still waiting for my PlayBook to do a real test.

    I didn’t really like the File Class because the API changed so many times, and CameraRoll works really well on Android devices.

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