Cut the Drama. Flash is Here to Stay.

I really wish that Steve Jobs would quit misinforming the public. It amazes me that Apple and Adobe’s childish feud is even news worthy. I’ve had a number of people tell me that I should start looking for a new profession because HTML5 is the future and Flash is dead (link). All of them iPhone […]

Compress Transparent PNGs with Flash

Do you use transparent PNGs in Flash, Flex or AIR? Want to cut your application file size in half? Problem: Embedding transparent PNGs dramatically increases the size of your Flash, Flex and AIR applications. Photoshop and Fireworks dot not have any compression available for transparent PNGs (that I am aware of). Solution: Import your PNGs […]

Skinning Flex Components – Part 1: CSS

This will be a three part series on skinning Flex components. For part one I have chosen to desolve the myth that Flex 3 can’t truly cascade styles. This three part series will start simple and get more complex with each post. You can use this code to mimic descendant selectors, dimensioning and multiple class […]