Installing Your Signed App onto the PlayBook

You can send your signed app to the BlackBerry PlayBook using blackberry-dploy. This makes it easy to test final builds without having to setup debugging certificates. We’ll talk about debug certificates in a later post, let’s get our app onto the device! Problem: You want to test your signed application on the device before submitting […]

Detailed Review of the PlayBook (Including Videos)

Skeptical about the PlayBook? In this review we’ll size up the new BlackBerry PlayBook and show of some videos of the device in action. Leaving you with the opportunity to make your own decision by highlighting both the pros and cons. Despite what some people would have you believe, there is no one device that […]

Requesting Permissions for your PlayBook App

Does your PlayBook app use local storage, camera roll, media sound or other device APIs? If so, you must add action requests in your blackberry-tablet.xml file when publishing your BAR file for these features to work on the device. Problem: The camera roll in my painting application worked with the virtual machine (0.9.4 SDK) but […]